CaReSyAn Project

European Commission project H2020-MSCA-ITN-2017 CaReSyAn: Combatting the CardioRenal Syndrome.

Bioactive peptides

Welcome back! In today's episode Olapoju Samuel, who is a PhD student at the University of Montpellier, France, will tell us about his work, which is dedicated to analysis of novel bioactive peptides and their effects on vascular calcification.

The role of statistical analysis

Today, Els Genbrugge, a PhD student at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria will tell us how the data, collected within the whole CaReSyAn project, is going to be analysed using network models.

Proteins of CKD

Eleni Petra, who is a PhD student at the Biomedical Research Foundation Academy in Athens, Greece is telling us about the different stages of Chronic Kidney Disease and the proteins involved in these stages.

The role of novel biomarkers

Today, Ana Amaya, a PhD student at INSERM institute in Toulouse, France will talk about the identification of novel biomarkers in Chronic Kidney Disease and their role in the development of the Cardiorenal Syndrome.

Kidney failure and CVD

Today you are going to hear about the effects of uremia on vascular calcification and its connection to atherosclerosis. Nikolas Rapp, a PhD student at School for Cardiovascular Diseases, Maastricht University, the Netherlands is talking about his work.

Identifying biomarkers

Our third episode, that got slightly delayed, hosting Giulia Bagarolo, a PhD student at the University hospital of the RWTH Aachen, Germany. Giulia is working on the identification of new peptide biomarkers which can be indicators of the development of the cardiorenal syndrome in patients with chronic kidney disease.

Vascular calcification and vitamin K

Sofia de la Puente Secades, a PhD student at the University hospital of the RWTH Aachen in Germany, is discussing vascular calcification in the context of the cardiorenal syndrome, the search of new pathological mediators and the possible beneficial effect of vitamin K in treatment of this pathology.

Modifications of calcification regulators

Valeria Saar-Kovrov, a PhD student at Maastricht University, the Netherlands is talking about mechanisms behind vascular calcification caused by Chronic Kidney Disease and post-translational modifications of calcification regulators.

Toxins in CardioRenal syndrome

Warm welcome to the very first podcast episode of the European Commission project H2020-MSCA-ITN-2017 CaReSyAn! Today, we are going to talk to Rogier Veltrop, who is a PhD student at University hospital of RWTH Aachen University, Germany about harmful effects of high level of toxins in the blood, seen in case of renal failure, on the cells of the heart.


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